What’s causing unrest in the Netherlands? - BBC Newsnight

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Over the last few weeks, violent protests have broken out in the Netherlands as the country struggles against growing conspiracy theories, political upheaval and managing the pandemic. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

You might have noticed the Netherlands has been defying stereotypes recently.

The famously level headed nation, The Netherlands, is struggling to manage the Covid crisis.

Riots have erupted and an increasing number of people who are anxious and insecure are turning to conspiracy theories.

The Dutch National Support Centre for Extremism recently reported conspiracy thinkers or extreme right-wing groups rapidly radicalising online have become the main topic of reports they receive, it used to be jihadists.

With more than a million infections, 14,500 confirmed Covid-related deaths, and an election just over a month away, the BBC’s Anna Holligan has been to explore what's driving the Dutch unrest.

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