Mushroom at the Top of the World | Searching for Yarsagumba in Nepal | Documentary film

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Yarsagumba, also known as the 'Himalayan gold' is a rare mushroom that is picked in the remotest corners of the Nepal Himalayas. The prices can reach up to $30.000 per kilogram (2.2 lb). A decade ago Nepal was struck by the yarsagumba trading craze, as the prices of the mushrooms soared in the international markets. Since then the local population has become increasingly dependent on this precious resource. 'The Mushroom at the Top of the World' follows a story of a village in Nepal's Rukum district, where in the aftermath of the People's War, the villagers have turned to mushroom picking in order to restructure their livelihoods. The documentary film addresses the issues of the precarious world of rural Nepal and portrays the people and their resilience in daily struggles to make a living in the relentless mountainous landscape.

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