How iPhone Changed the World??

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We all know the iPhone changed the world but how it changed the world and how in the future the iPhone will get change? Not only that throughout these years Apple also evolved and we have seen an evolution in Apple. So in this video let's have. a look at some meeting info on the Apple iPhone and also some more info on what Apple might be working on.

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Introduction: 00:00
How iPhone Changed the Smartphone Industry: 01:12
Innovative Era of Apple: 02:13
Tim Cook Era of Apple Recycling: 03:00
But iPhone is still successful: 03:55
Apple is victim of its own success: 04:25
Apple Listening to consumers: 05:04
Apple Good introductory offerings: 05:36
Apple Also Successful in India: 06:17
But Apple is Still Apple: 06:50
Now What is after iPhone: 07:31
Apple AR & VR Product: 08:22
Apple CAR: 08:44
Innovation is Back at Apple: 09:00
Conclusion: 10:05


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