DFA Live Q&A HD Replay - Senator Gerard Rennick

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This is an edited version of our latest live show in which I discuss policy issues with Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick.


0:00 Start
1:14 Introduction
2:10 Rennick's Background
7:25 Markets And Capitalism

09:50 Monetary Policy
12:46 Post Office and Regional Services
16:05 Senate Estimates and the RBA
19:20 Mandate of RBA
25:22 New Zealand Monetary Policy
27:50 Accountability Outsourced
31:15 Central Banking Group Think
34:20 RBA, ASIC and APRA
40:10 Lending For Housing Versus For Infrastructure
46:50 Small Business Lending Pressure
50:00 Tax Reform
56:00 Council Of Financial Regulators
1:00:00 The Vision Thing
1:16:30 Housing Affordability and Lending Standards
1:22:06 Higher Education
1:24:25 Measuring The Right Things
1:27:00 Accountability
1:31:00 Close and Sign-Off


We look at the RBA, Central Banks, the economy, QE, and home prices and consider how to get the real economy going.

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