Clash Worlds Warmup Round 2 - Clash of Clans

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Now that your appetites for battle have been thoroughly whetted it's time to bring on some new challengers. Winning the first round yesterday was just the beginning and this event is about to get a whole lot more difficult. The winners of Round 1 will face insurmountable odds when they pair off against World Championship teams from the 2020 season. Not only do these teams have experience competing under extreme pressure on a livestream, each of these distinguished teams were skilled enough to earn a Golden Ticket and compete in the 2020 World Finals. Can these veteran vanguards prove they still have what it takes to be champions or will yesterday's winners prove ambition is enough to overcome experience?

Let's take a look at the pairings in Round 2!
HaNoi Royal vs. ATN.aTTaX (2020 World Champions)
Unicorns of Love vs. eleVen Original (2020 Wildcard Entry)
MCES vs. Ni Chang Dance (2020 August Qualifier Winner)
NGT Legends vs. TOMPINAI EMPIRE (2020 September Qualifier Winner - formerly X6tence)
INDIAN CLASHERS vs. QueeN Walkers (2020 World Champion Runner-Up)
J.X. Tiger vs. Darkest MuZhan (2020 October Qualifier Winner)
Aphelion Esport vs. H.T Family (2020 Wildcard Entry)
Method2Madness vs. Vatang (2020 July Qualifier Winner)

These 16 Clans will battle in an elimination Clan War and the 8 winning Clans will then proceed on to Round 3. Whether you're a fan of the 2020 Championship Clans or these ambitious newcomers, make sure you cheer them on!

Hosted by your favorite casters, Judo Sloth and iTzu will make sure you don't miss a single troop deployment!
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------------------Contents of this video--------------------
0:00 Countdown screen
8:25 Teaser & Warmup Round 1 highlights
16:40 ATN.aTTaX vs HaNoi Royal
57:07 Zap Super Witches attack breakdown by Judo
1:01:35 eleVen Original vs Unicorns of Love
1:41:43 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by iTzu
1:46:40 Ni Chang Dance vs MCES
2:26:32 Zap Lalo attack breakdown by Judo
2:32:00 TOMPINAI EMPIRE vs NGT Legends
3:12:46 Queen Charge Lalo attack breakdown by iTzu
3:16:48 QueeN Walkers vs INDIAN CLASHERS
3:57:00 DragBat attack breakdown by Judo
4:01:43 Darkest MuZhan vs J.X. Tiger
4:41:27 Queen Charge Miners attack breakdown by iTzu
4:46:46 H.T Family vs Aphelion Esport
5:26:28 DragBat attack breakdown by Judo
5:30:57 Vatang vs Method2Madness
6:12:47 Thank you for watching
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