Building Canada’s Post-Pandemic Foreign Policy

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Centre for International Policy Studies and the Canadian International Council present

Canada has long benefited from a relatively benign international setting, with few direct threats to its security, privileged access to the world’s largest and richest market, and international rules and institutions that sustained a relatively open and stable world order. We can no longer take those conditions for granted, nor should we expect a return to “normal” when the COVID-19 crisis passes. What foreign policy challenges will Canada face in a post-pandemic world – and how should we prepare for them now?

Join host Michael Petrou, the new editor in chief of Open Canada (, for this lunchtime discussion with one of Canada’s leading international affairs scholars and policy analysts, Roland Paris.

Related article: “Navigating the New World Disorder: Canada’s Post-Pandemic Foreign Policy” (Roland Paris, July 2020).


Roland Paris is a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Ottawa, founder of the Centre for International Policy Studies, and research associate at Chatham House. He has held several positions in the Canadian government, including senior advisor on global affairs and defence to the Prime Minister.

Michael Petrou is the editor-in-chief of Open Canada, a digital magazine about Canada’s place in the world published by the Canadian International Council. Petrou is a historian and veteran foreign correspondent who has reported from across the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia.
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